How's the weather?

Hiya! This is where I'll be stickin' my art!

I doodle a lot, so I guess you'll be seeing those? Idk!

3 white/colorless humanoid cartoon figures with glasses make silly and slightly effeminate headshot poses on a hot pink background
a red cartoon wolf floating on a plain yellow background saying whuzzup. the color bubble is blue and the words are red.
image description: cartoon person (wearing a colorless sweater and black shorts) with excited expression jumping in the air. the color palette is predominantly white with light pink shading and black lineart for the person. framing the person from behind is a hatched yellow square with a hot pink border. end image description.
image description: an anthro wolf (wearing a cropped hoodie, booty short jeans, and fishnets) sitting while holding a phone. the color palette is pink, coral, orange, and yellow; nearly all of the colors are bright. end image description.
image description: an anthro wolf casually staring at a computer screen in the darkness. the computer screen is the only light source and it illuminates the wolf's face. the color palette is monochromatic blue; all of the hues are dull except for the illuminating light. end image description.